4 thoughts on “Sleepy.

  1. Laura says:

    It looks like all the kids had an amazing time, Thankyou to all the staff who looked after them. Millie’s purse with her money in has gone walkies she is adamant she put it in her bag but if anybody finds it or has seen it could you please let me know. It’s a small purple clip purse that has the word princess on the front xx


  2. Emma Doane says:

    Cameron has had a fantastic few days making memories with his friends. Thank you to all the staff that looked after everyone! It’s been lovely to follow the blog with all the brilliant photos. Xx


  3. Laura Ellison says:

    We would just like to say thank you so much for providing such a fantastic opportunity. Jessie has absolutely loved it and we have loved following the blog. The photos and communication have been fantastic and very much appreciated. Jessie is already talking about her Y4 residential lol!


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